VRC Therapeutic Specialties

VRC Massage & Wellness focuses on soft tissue manipulation that fully complements the chiropractic works, physical therapy and as well as acupuncture. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy every person that comes to our doorstep for any muscle aches and pain related to stress, tension, and physical activity.  Here are the services of what we do and how we render our therapeutic sessions in a unique and effective experience!

"The Magnificent 7"

Therapeutic Massage

Magnificent 7 detailed and blended massage modalities where your body is fully immersed to different bodywork modalities to rise up & rejuvenate in one 120 min. (2 hour) session from your body’s old condition of aches & pains!



Therapeutic Massage

Our "Nirvana" Therapeutic Massage has gained the reputation of delivering the most relaxed stage that our clients have ever felt! A tension-releasing 5-In-one blissful combinations of therapeutic & relaxing massage, providing 5 blended modalities to promote relaxation & blissful state in a 90 min. (1 1/2 hrs.)session.



Therapeutic Massage

Our "Soothing" Therapeutic Massage specifically concentrates on carrying out the pain and burden that your body has been carrying through time. Whether it be your shoulders that have been carrying the burden, lower back, or just about anywhere else, we ensure that your body is soothed by the end of your massage with 3-in-one effectual massage, providing 3 blended modalities in a 60 min. (1 hr.) session!



Therapeutic Massage

Usually accompanied by a pleasant tingling sensation, "ASMR" or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Therapy specializes in combining sound therapy and neuromuscular manipulation to release endorphins that are responsible for mood and feelings of euphoria! Studies claim that it can even lower heart rate, reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Incl. (1) Specialized ASMR Therapeutic Massage



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