Please Read Prior To Booking

From shoulder tension to elevated blood pressure and heart health, stress affects us all. Working out muscle tension during a massage helps make chronic pain - as well as short term stress - easier to work through. Your body deserves a break! Schedule today and we'll make sure to alleviate all of that burden and let you walk out with a new, better, and more confident YOU!

As you are aware, the State of Illinois is allowing certain businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to re-open. We, here at VRC, want to take the time to ensure your concerns regarding our precautionary measures.


In being Licensed Professionals in the State of Illinois, our prerequisite curriculum entailed multiple courses, as well as lifelong continuing education courses, regarding the proper sanitary procedures that are to the standards that medical licensees are to follow.  We are well versed in repetitive practices that have us prepared during all times of viral contamination concern; for instance - flu season. We have taken the time to further our licensure guided procedures by implementing additional State recommended measures, but enhanced that with our curricular training in pathology (APP) courses to additionally ensure your safety.

In line with safety measures, on the day of your appointment if you may please wait in your car as we will inform you with a phone call  when your room is ready, cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. We also wanted to make sure that  the prior client before you, steps out and leaves the clinic before you come in to avoid crowdedness in the waiting area. This way, we can maintain social distancing as much as possible within our control. When you come inside our clinic, we will be checking your temperature.

Please wear a mask when you come in, in case you will forget to bring one, we have available disposable masks here ($1.50 each). We will skip face massage during your session. We also would like to encourage you to minimize talking during the session. 

In addition, It will help control and prevent cross-contamination if we take a shower first before our appointment. We will do our part the best we can as you do yours. We want your safety and the safety of others and hope that we can follow this procedure and we thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our measures or our procedures, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


-Our priority is you!